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I have very specific requirements and aspirations as president and broker for the company. The company is and will remain a boutique brokerage service that specializes in servicing a limited number of Fort Lauderdale home sellers and buyers providing the time and expertise necessary to fulfill the needs of each prospect. I have been a Florida Real Estate Broker and State Licensed Contractor for over 35 years. That experience gives me the ability to help prospects meet their specific needs when selling or buying real estate, simply stated my experience pays off for you. In Florida as most places in the county the VIEW is one of the most sought-after attributes in considering the purchase of a house or condominium.

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Properties with a VIEW generally qualify for a higher sales price and sell faster that those without. Let’s be practical, you can renovate to your own taste but under most circumstances you cannot change the view. We believe “It’s all about the VIEW”. Desired views usually include the ocean, waterways, canals, lakes, a golf course or a beautiful pool yard. And here at Florida View Realty, we specialize in waterfront homes for sale in the Fort Lauderdale area! When representing a seller your properties best attributes are accented and professionally photographed then placed on the internet and advertised to a specific market. As a buyer we focus on your specific desires and research those properties for you in advance avoiding disappointment, saving time and research sales to assist in valuations. Please feel comfortable contacting us at any time with any questions you may have.

Thank you,

Ken Sheard

President / Broker